Friday, December 23, 2016


for CFK Jr

1988 october birthday brought
a packet of 20 chapbooks
8 POEMS, by yrs trly,
a present from my old editor
somewhat estranged then

but always my editor!

we had quarreled about the beastly art
but had come to terms more or less
i liked calling it
a pirated edition
made me feel grand, as when
i found my first collection
at the local used book store
in urbana
--i had arrived . . .

got my first national publication
from the piece that closed
8 POEMS, a story about 
divorce and dirty diapers

oh, in re 8 POEMS, 
i forgot to mention 
that some years ago 
i ordered a new edition 
of 100 copies--no longer 
'pirate edition'--but it 
makes for a good story 
at the coffee shop

been handing out copies 
for xmas, at coffee, 
at the Eye-talian 
restaurant i frequent

poems to retirees, to trump-liking 
small business owners, 
to the barmen, the lovely barmaids, servers, 
the busboys, the landlords
the ex-communists, especially the painters

ellen's 24 surviving cousins
poor patti dead in her sleep at 43
like danny boy the thief, 
woke up dead, gone too soon
nobody turns down free 
poems, 8 is just 
the right number
a belated thank you 
charlie, thank you
very much!

i owe you a bottle of dago red

copyright © 2016 by patrick o'hayer

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