Wednesday, November 30, 2016

occasional poem

"first thought, best thought"
~allen ginsberg

holidays approaching again
my first wife dumped me
xmas eve 1976
a bicentennial break-up
which i richly deserved
fill in the blanks

i rented a truck
retrieved my gear, my books,
with 3 now-estranged friends
but i left behind my record albums
now known as vinyl
a shy acknowledgement
of fault, maybe, or
maybe just a typical
p. o'hayer fuck-up

sorta half-rhymes with break-up

life went on
i won the lottery
so many times since then
i probably owe her a cut

presently headed to kansas
for the holidays
with KW, new beginning
horizons expanding
and i'm no cowboy
but i did love "wyatt earp" on TV
in the Fifties
dodge city
when westerns ruled the day
and gunplay settled every dispute

thank you, ex missus o'hayer,
where ever you may be
thank you so very very much

hope you're playing my
songs of leonard cohen
which i bought 
when it dropped
december 1967

on this sad sad sad day

november 2016

copywrite © 2016 by patrick o'hayer

"Christmas is for kids."
                         THE WISE COP
sheer lunacy, 
sheer brilliance,
either way, wife
and daughter agreed
with papa
to forgo xmas
gifts as a sane
response to hyper-
consumption, result
of a family group rant
on the day however
it seems that i alone
recalled the anti-prezzie
               the girls
were very angry
and tearful because
the world stopped spinning
then and there, dad
deep in the dog house
probably forever
but after issuing
a lengthy brutal reprimand
the girls adjourned 
to the early show
at the multiplex

meanwhile papa sought redemption 
at a 24/7 walgreens
purchasing several trifles
peace offerings hoping for
redemption, or forgiveness
a few functional do-dads
a note pad that affixes
to your windshield
some paper dolls, 
some deluxe crayolas
to make up for the error
as papa was checking out
the girls arrived
to do the same