Monday, December 26, 2016


for too too long
i took the big heart
for granted

we quarreled
sharply over . . .
nothings as

it turned out
two old men
pissing straight

into a wind
that never 
cares . . . and

it seemed 
as if the great 
round head

karen misses
so much, the
head i thought

he valued too
proudly would

outlast us all
like the big
house he loved

like his roses
like his aged 
beautiful wife

now in 
sadness that 
will not cease

her afternoons
now ablaze
with worry

that her 
lover, JR,
might miss

the evening
meal made
by her hands

these sixty
perfect years
and more

and so much 
much more, my
dear sweet trudy

copyright © 2016 by patrick o'hayer

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