Monday, December 26, 2016

so lately

the sex life has fallen off too
much to suit herself   my

bad   entirely   i knew she was anxious
for it last evening    i hadn’t

blessed the bishop
in quite a spell so i could

perform somewhat though
it’s been downhill since

diabetes struck a while back
snipping the critical nerve endings

in the machine   and big
pharma has been zero help

i keep thinking back
to when we simply couldn’t get enough

the drunken first few years
but then pregnancy and sobriety

and somebody never resumed ir-
responsible drunken cavorting though

the slut was still about
wanting   wanting   wanting   wanting

but somebody else found parenthood
anaphrodesiac, a rank cliché surely

but never wholly remedied and of
course it’s too easy in the high tech present

to practice the universal secret porn addiction
even though the NSA is monitoring

i’m such a huge fucking threat
pardon my french

december 2013

copyright © 2013 by patrick o'hayer

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