Monday, January 23, 2017


for BR

fuck physics
fuck a-bombs, h-bombs
fuck the gloriously wasteful moon shots, the space programs,
and psychotically dangerous
electricity generation
fuck nuclear medicine
fuck them all
fuck ben franklin
fuck galileo and his lifetime house arrest
fuck the italian inquisition for failing us
fuck these lethal speculations murdering millions
fuck big science too
fuck physics subsidies to big business
especially fuck big science
fuck sir isaac newton, mystic math wiz
fuck fermi
fuck the manhattan project and the commie physicist spies
fuck albert einstein, adulterer and a-bomb enthusiast
and terrible violinist
fuck the paradoxes of physics
fuck dark matter
fuck contradictions of absolute laws--bad poetry
fuck bad poetry
fuck predicting electron indeterminacy--who the fuck cares
fuck all the physics smartypants
their arrogance, their big-dollar lobbying, their bogus rationales
their miles-long underground accelerator toys
don't get me fucking started
fuck pop physics propaganda, clever marketing to the stupid
fuck the hubble telescope, multi-trillion-dollar hobbies
fuck the god particle
fuck cold fusion, so safe
we'll see
fuck the law of unintended consequences
fuck the catastrophic waste of big science
fuck three mile island, fukushima, chernobyl with the skeptical locals
fuck the fucking japs for world war two
fuck nagasaki, because the fucking physicists had to be sure
fuck trinity--good job, physicists
fuck the rationale that we can afford these searing levels of waste
we're starving here, dying here, killing 
everyone in sight, the twin towers
the shining path, the two state solution
fuck yucca mountain 
fuck reprocessing/storing murderous nuclear waste 
fuck physics
doesn't pass the smell test
cliches are so useful
but in the end
fuck physics
no doubt, except for the physicists
but fuck physicists
fuck string theory
fuck 16 dimensions
fuck big experimental physic toys
fuck cern 
hey, physicists, fuck your mother

copyright @ 2017 by p. fucking o'hayer

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